Rachel Party of 5

This hot momma is definitely out numbered by her boys, but I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have it any other way. Last year when we did Rachel's family photos there was only 4 of them. They have since added another handsome young man to the family, Oliver. Philip and Rachel make some pretty stinking cute kids. And as you guys know I am a sucker for kids! I could have spent all day taking photos of just the little ones. Silas, the oldest son, has the most creative imagination I have ever come across. He gave me my own box of beeble bosies (imaginary little guys that live in a box and can not have cookies!) and he has shown me how to make star wars origami. I love talking to him and seeing where his mind wanders. Phini is all cuddles and love. He watches his older brother and gently snuggles his younger brother. He is the definition of sweet. I can't wait to see who Oliver grows into. One thing I'm sure of though is that he will be amazing like his brothers. The love between these siblings is undeniable. And of course Mom and Dad are just as amazing.

On a side note how cute are their outfits!!! Perfect use of pattern, color, and texture.

Thanks for reading!

Haley Leone