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Name: Haley Leone
Location: Harrisonville,  Missouri       ( South KC)
About me: adventurer, coffee lover, dirtbikes,  snowboarding,   quirky,   loves a good challenge , slightly a crazy cat lady
How I got started: From a young age I've always had a love for art.   When my husband  bought me my first DSLR I was instantly in love.  I started taking pictures of anything and everything.   When I realized how much I enjoyed photography  I started taking classes at the Kansas City Art Institute to further my learning.  I'm happy I am able to say I get to do what I love!
What I love about photography: 
Do you  know that feeling you get when you look through old photographs?  You know the one when you see your brothers bad hair from the 90's or maybe Mom  & Dads super awesome wedding attire, or maybe your baby's first tooth?    I love that feeling, and even more I love being able to gift that feeling to my clients . Too many times we forget about these special times and  photography captures  those  moments and saves them for a lifetime.   I hope  to get the opportunity to capture these moments for you!